A Fully Comprehensive Union Payroll Solution


The services we provide to union contractors are accurate, reliable and efficient. By putting our expertise to work for you, we eliminate the mistakes that cause workers to knock on your door complaining that their paycheck is wrong.

If you have a one-person staff who handles payroll but goes out on sick leave, we have your back. There will be no downtime in making sure paychecks and tax payments go out on time.

We have a process ready to go that makes the transition to our services easy to follow.

Our services include:

  • Managing all complex payroll functions; determining the proper rates, differentials, overtime, assessments and payroll taxes.
  • Fringe Benefit management.
  • Ensuring union audit readiness
  • Completion of Workers Comp audits
  • Verification of accuracy of adjusted premiums
  • Baseline and other payroll reports.


Union Fringe Benefits

Managing fringe benefits in your payroll can be tricky because of the variation of benefits among different unions and job classifications of each worker.

We make sure these items are set up properly into the system so they are calculated correctly.

For businesses that need to calculate vacation, holiday, health benefits, training or pension deduction, contact Union Payroll today for details on how to get this done right.