Managing payroll for union shops is our specialty. We built payroll management services just for this and even made it our name.

Combining our experience in tax accounting and auditing, we work for businesses who are looking for an economical solution for managing their complex payroll systems.

We built internal systems of processes and procedures to manage the complexities and rapid-fire changes seen only in union payroll management.

Because union payroll management is so unique, we are equipped to help businesses by being able to step in immediately. In the event management’s in-house person goes out on medical, maternity or disability leave or they have an unexpected influx of new projects that requires new workers, Union Payroll is ready to get things systemized and back to normal.

Escrowed employee net wages and payroll taxes are independently held by a national bank until due – providing you with peace of mind.

Our clients can report hours easily through fax, email, text , online or other expedited means.

Our reporting services are all part of our package of services.